Interact With Social Media

We reply to your Social Media

Respond to enquiries generated by social media.

Based on the service, products you offer
or the accommodation you rent out.

  • Respond to comments & interactions (e.g. RTs) on posts & tweets (to encourage more)
  • Engaging & communicating with your fan base
    (within page or direct to sender, where needed)
  • Reciprocate followers & Re Tweets (RTs)
    Clean up followers (un-follow) / choose who to follow
  • Provide email/im/text or  telephone notification of any enquiries or sensitive matters
    (to more than one representative, if required)

Dedicated account manager
Connection to Facebook, Twitter & Google+ pages

create communities of people who share an interest in your product, event or service (Community Engagement & Building)

Monitoring progress alongside your goals & budget

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Wider expose for your business to a far bigger market
  • Generate new business leads
  • Increase referrals and recommendations
  • Built client base via  positive testimonials
  • Connect to partners & other businesses
  • Aid your websites Search Engine Optimisation

Comprehensive Service

  • Interim IT & Staffing, where we act as a member of staff
    (during holidays & peak times)
  • Property Management Services, partial or full
  • Traditional SEO/Email campaigns/ Ads (PPC) Services

Sitges Web & Graphic Design Services:

  • Blog setup & management
  • Making Photos (photo manipulation/changes)
  • Video development and improving yours
  • Adding content to your website, reached from your social media posts above. And visa versa