social media sitges

We make your Social Media posts

We will discuss what you have, what you need & how to get you there

From then, we will agree post parameters and make posts on your behalf.

Facebook/Twitter/Google+ Services : Creating Content
  • Adding posts & photos (updates)
  • Video Creation & Upload
  • Add create discussions & comments to
  • Increased engagement
    Add Google+ Followers, + 1’s & get added by others
  • Backlink building
    (links to your social media & website)
  • Monitoring progress alongside your goals & budget

Additional channels, can involve Linkedln/Picasa/Pinterest Marketing

Based on 30 mins a day (20€ fee): reductions for longer term commitment
after an initial 3 hour/120€ effort to begin/agree goals (sometimes over a few days) : 

Timescales depend on our part in writing posts.
They can be based on news or events, by keyword, alongside posts on a clients activities.

Gain peace of mind… knowing that your accounts are updated consistently and are not stagnant
(don’t feel under pressure to watch the clock and be available to post : posts often deteriorate, when contributions are mostly made via mobile devices)

More Comprehensive Services

Strategic Planning & Content Development

  • 4 – 5 Daily updates & interactions per account, where needed
  • Check your Competition (keywords/interactions)
  • Identify social media influencers in your industry
    (the best followers & interactions)
  • Identify opportunities for engaging with current customers & potential prospects to meet your goals
  • Training on managing your online brand/social media
    (Social Media Workshops / Executive Coaching)
  • B2B Lead Generation (from the right businesses)
  • Press Releases & launches (events)
  • Identify metrics (indicators) for determining the effectiveness of your social media & report

Connection to & promotion from our own Facebook, Twitter & Google+ pages

Sitges Web & Graphic Design Services:

  • Blog setup & management
  • Making Photos (photo manipulation/changes)
  • Video development and improving yours
  • Adding content to your website, reached from your social media posts above. And visa versa