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Power of Social Media & TripAdvisor

sitges tripadvisor reviews

Ones business is no longer ones castle… Some business owners regard their peace of mind, as more important, than the opinions of their customers. Especially difficult ones or those out to reduce their bill, by complaining. Wrongly or rightly, they are in business to enjoy the experience their way and revenue comes second. Especially when […]

Social Media Disasters


Embrace humour and shock tactics, carefully Companies and their service providers, need to look at a worst case scenario for any idea or campaign What is the worst that can go wrong How much could the worst cost verses the return What contingency plan can be in place to minimise risk or deal with the […]

Sitges Beaches… top on Flickr, again


Latch on to what are social media talking about Out of 420,084 geotagged/labelled as ‘Spanish’ on Flickr 144,000  are as SitgesBeach 2nd year in top place. Followed by Tarifa (Cádiz) and Benidorm (Alicante). Occurring… say Flickr owned by Yahoo, due to  the Sitges great nightlife and 4k of beaches. Active with many visitors throughout the year and offering excellent […]