improve social media

Improve your current Social Media

We evaluate your social media accounts, clean up posts & improve the branding, with new images.

Professionally branding & clever designs will improve the effect of your Social Media channels, as will the posts & images they broadcast. To maximum your exposure & visibility

Typical Media (e.g. Facebook)

  • “Cover Photo,” which measures 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall
  • “Profile Picture” 180-by-180-pixel square
  • “Milestone Images” 843 pixels wide by 403 pixels high
  • Facebook Mini Site” with your own links/pages in Facebook

Efforts can include improving your reputation or overcoming a bad one (often when taking over a business or location)

Comprehensive Service

Artwork for:

  • Facebook cover photo, profile picture and custom tab
  • Twitter cover photo, profile picture and backdrop
  • Google+ cover photo and profile picture

Artwork complete branding package for:

  • Facebook, Twitter and Google+ handles from £295

Bespoke Mini-Website/Competition App within Facebook (Up to 8 tabs)

Sitges Web & Graphic Design Services:

  • Blog setup & management
  • Making Photos (photo manipulation/changes)
  • Video development and improving yours
  • Adding content to your website, reached from your social media posts above. And visa versa